The Arafura Stadium

Home of Athletics Northern Territory, Arafura Athletics Stadium is located within the Marrara Sporting Complex close to the airport. The facility offers an international-standard synthetic athletics track complemented by long jump, steeplechase, javelin, seated throws and a netted hammer and discus throw facilities. Marrara is a 7 minute drive from the Club Tropical Resort and a 15 minute drive from the Darwin CBD.

Change areas and toilets are located on site and additional facilities are close by in the Marrara International Indoor Stadium−where registration will be located.

Food stalls will be open during all competition days starting at 7:30am.

Ample parking is available near the Stadium and public transport is available.

Road Walk

The Road Walk course is confirmed as the foreshore of the Casuarina Beach precinct.

A map of the course will be provided closer to the event.

Cross Country

The Cross Country Run track is confirmed as the Casuarina Coastal Reserve.

Cross Country Course map will be provided closer to the event.

The Championships - Program

The Provisional Timetable is available to download.

Program Handbook
A printed copy of the Program Handbook will be provided to all competitors as part of the Athlete Package.

The Handbook will also be available to download as a PDF – this version includes changes incorporated after the printed handbook has been produced, such as modifications made to the Timetable and Start lists needed to address changes in the program.

Athletes Packages

All entrants are required to register their arrival at the Registration Desk prior to competing.

The Registration desk will be located in Marrara Indoor Stadium (MIS) located adjacent to the Athletic Track.

At that time, you will receive an Athlete package containing the handbook, your competition number, a selection of vouchers, and any dinner tickets and merchandise that you have pre-ordered. There will also be limited items of Merchandise available for sale.

Registration will be open from 12 Noon to 6 pm Thursday 8th of June and from 8 am each competition day.

See also Athlete Requirements for Sign-In and Reporting requirements prior to competing each day.


The rainbow serpent and saltwater crocodile have been chosen as emblems for the first every Australian Masters Athletics Championship to be held in the Northern Territory, Darwin. These totems have been chosen as a representation of master athletes across Australia coming together in Darwin with respect for the sport and each other. Our Medals feature our emblems and the full story can be found HERE.

Championship & Awards Dinner

The Championship and Awards Dinner will be held at the Club Tropical Resort on Sunday evening 11 June at 6:30pm.

The Awards Dinner provides the opportunity for athletes, officials and volunteers to celebrate the year’s accomplishments and recognise AMA’s outstanding performers from the previous calendar year.

AMA Awards
Australian Masters Athletics provides a number of awards annually for outstanding performances by athletes nominated by their home States. In addition, there are a number of AMA Championship Trophy Awards presented each year, and the dinner is the setting for any inductees into the AMA Hall of Fame.

The winners of the 2017 AMA Athletics Awards (based on athletic performances achieved in 2016) will be announced and presented during the Championship and Awards Dinner. The list of nominees will be available on the AMA website prior to the event.

See the AMA website for the list of 2016 AMA Awards and Hall of Fame Recipients.

Athletes Forum

This forum provides athletes the opportunity to discuss Athletics issues with members of the Australian Masters Athletics Board. It is currently scheduled for 3.30 PM on Saturday 10 June, in the Marrara Indoor Stadium.

The forum agenda to be confirmed closer to the event.

Championship’s Rules, Records and Documents

AMA National Championship Rules

General Rules
Competition will be conducted under IAAF, WMA and AMA rules subject to any special rules adopted by the LOC. Entry signifies agreement. Please refer to the Full Competition Rules.

Drug Testing
AMA subscribes to the Anti-Drugs policy advocated by WMA. Testing may take place. Refer to the AMA website for Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUE) requirements.

Specific Rules
There are specific rules covering Track, Field and Non-Stadia competition.

Athletes who think they may break an Australian or World record (refer to the AMA Records Website or the Championships Handbook) should notify the official in charge when they report in. While Australian and World Records will be automatically notified to the National Records Officer, athletes should ensure that copies of all relevant information such as print-outs of timing, wind gauge readings, signed field officials’ sheets, etc. are obtained. A copy of the Zero Test Image from the Photo Finish System will need to be included with a world record application.

The LOC will provide results, with wind readings, and any other relevant data to the State Statisticians and AMA’s Record Officer as soon as possible after the completion of the Championships.

For field events and multi–events, athletes will need to ensure that distances are checked against a certified steel tape and that the piece of equipment used is re-checked for correct specifications.

Athlete Requirements
Please refer to the Athlete Requirements page for information regarding the obligations of an athlete during competition.

Obligations of an Athlete during Competition

Eligibility to Compete
To compete at the AMA Championships, an athlete must be registered as a member of a masters athletics organisation, but may be either from Australia or from overseas. See the Eligibility page for more details.

General Rules
Competition will be conducted under IAAF, WMA and AMA rules subject to any special rules adopted by the LOC. Entry signifies agreement. Please refer to the Full Competition Rules. There are also specific rules covering Track, Field and Non-Stadia competition.

Drug Testing
AMA subscribes to the Anti-Drugs policy advocated by WMA. Testing may take place. Refer to the AMA website for Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUE) requirements.

Uniforms / Numbers
Australian athletes must wear their approved State uniform. Numbers must be attached front and back except for high jumpers, pole vaulters and throwers who require only one number. Numbers must not be folded or creased to obscure the number or sponsor’s details. Two competition numbers will be provided to all competitors in their Athlete package.

Competitors in sprints and hurdles, up to and including 400m should check to see whether heats are required. All competitors for whom heats are scheduled MUST sign in at least ONE HOUR prior to the advertised heat time. This is also required for the 800m where ”A” and “B” races are programmed.

Athletes who do not sign in at this time will be unable to participate. Sign-in is not required for the final. Sign in sheets will be available on the day prior to competition at the Registration Check-in area (Function Room), on the first floor of the NT Arafura Stadium.

Athletes in events without heats and all field event athletes are not required to sign in. Athletes in non-sprint track events need to collect a hip number.

For Track & Field events, all competitors must report to their event marshal 15 minutes prior to the advertised start time of their event. Pole Vault entrants should report 30 minutes prior. For events 800m and above – hip numbers will need to be collected.

Track events take precedence over field and while officials will attempt to meet the needs of athletes in conflicting.